Services we Provide:
We provide professional coding with HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and others by request. If you are a small business owner, and are looking for a website to enhance your business experience, you have come to the right page. All prices are final, unless you have negotiated with us otherwise [this pertains to all clients].

Our Financial Specialist is now offering Free Consultation and help for your business-related needs, especially for our customers.

Please note that we do not make websites with illegal, discriminative, or graphic content. Compare our prices to other sites on the web, and choose wisely before purchasing online. Click to view our Privacy Policy and Purchase Info page.

Please discuss with us during consultation about your selections from the options below. We will then provide you with your Payments page of your one-time and monthly fees. We will continue to provide this page for you monthly, as long as you require our services. All payments are made through PayPal. For more information on this, click here.
We will fully design and code your home page before you make any payments. Then, we will show you a sample page for your approval. Please be advised that you have five (5) days to approve or ask for other changes to the layout and we will try to accommodate your requests.

Below is a list of the several services and their prices that we provide. Other services not listed below may be offered by request. All prices are flat-rate [no charge for tax].

Please note that these prices are not applicable if you're purchasing a template, or if you are looking for a personal website. View our template prices here, or visit our Personal Website prices by viewing this page.

Price [USD]
Initial Consultation for all clients Consultation by E-Mail about your concerns or opinions regarding website design, coding, pricing and more.
Website Design Covers the main layout and design of your website as chosen by you.
Website Coding and Development Covers the programming of your website as chosen by you. This does not include the development of any pages, which are offered separately.
Menu Pages These are the pages from the menu. [max. of 10 pages]
Additional Pages1 Additional pages not included in the menu. [unlimited number of pages]
Logo and Shortcut Icon Your site's logo and the icon that appears on the search bar.
External Linkage Buttons1 Link buttons for other sites who might want to affiliate with you.
$1.00 each
Domain Name The address to your website (ex:
Sub-Domain Name Sub-domains are provided by RHUNIC (ex:
Unlimited Hosting Professional hosting with Unlimited File Transfer and Storage.
Limited Hosting Hosting is provided by RHUNIC with Limited File Transfer and Storage.
Search Engine/Directory Submissions We will submit your site to the search engines and directories so that your site will be listed on the world wide web.
Full Webmaster Services and Maintenance We try our best to make sure that your site is running properly. The fee includes our work with not only your site, but also the hosting services and domain providers.
Webmaster Services and Maintenance for Limited Hosting Clients We try our best to make sure that your site is running properly. The fee includes our work with not only your site, but also the hosting services and domain providers, if possible.
Advertising on this site Your site will be automatically advertised on our portfolio page. If this is an issue, please contact us and we will remove your site's link.

*All prices and FREE offers are strictly for our clients ONLY. These offers will be provided to non-clients for a minimal fee. Contact us for more information.
1These services are optional.